Sunday, June 8, 2008

Night Nights

This image is a response to an inquiry on Olympus Talk Forum about night exposures with the SP-570UZ.

My first reaction was "no problem, I have some." But a more careful reading determined that the request was for long exposures at low ISO on a tripod, and my shots were at high ISO, to allow slower shutter speeds and handholding (with image stabilization).

That sounded like a weird but interesting exercise - deliberately handicapping oneself like that can be a good learning experience, so I decided to accept the informal challenge.

I haven't turned up my old tripod yet, so I stuck a clamp and pocket tripod in pockets and took the camera on my evening walk.

It seemed like the streetlights made the streets too bright, so I turned down a dark alley and set the camera up with the pocket tripod on a recycling bin.

The above is probably the best of several shots at 15 seconds, f/2.8, ISO 100.

And just for fun, I bumped the "fill light" in Picasa up to maximum, then clicked the "I'm feeeling lucky" button for Picasa's best guess at optimum contrast and color balance.

The intriguing results are below.

Silly but fun.

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