Thursday, May 22, 2008

New camera - 5/21/08

The first picture with the new camera had to be of Webster, of course.

None of these images demonstrate what the camera is capable of when used carefully. I was just finding my way around the controls. They also are uncropped and untweaked - just the way the came out of the camera.

And my second subject was Archie.

Then I wandered outside for a few flower shots & such.

Most folks have seen stitched panoramas before. What makes this camera interesting is that you only press the shutter once, then shift the camera until a dot aligns with a target, at which point the camera automatically makes another exposure. Repeat that again, and you have a three piece panorama which is automatically stitched in the camera. This example demonstrates some drawbacks, especially in exposure control, which I will be attempting to ameliorate.

The next two images below were taken on my evening walk, a little over a half hour after sunset. It was much darker out than it looks.

Quite a camera. Quite a day.

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