Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sand Point

After getting my new camera yesterday, I took it with me today to Magnuson Park, at Sand Point, to met a friend for a walk.

The images here are maybe a little better in execution thatn yesterday's, and have been cropped. A few have had contrast tweaked.

These should be a deeper red, but I suspect that the infrared sensitivity of the camera's image sensor isn't adding white to the mix, making the flowers pink.

These ducks were way out there. This shot was handheld at the equivalent of a 520mm telephoto on a 35mm camera. Image stabilization is great. (Image is cropped significantly.)

For me, photography is more about the process than the product, but I do enjoy the resulting images as well.

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Eliza said...

I did not realize you had started this blog. I love the photos from this day at Magnuson, especially the one of Schmoo bounding out of the water & of Chris in mid-babble. :)